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Web Design

We offer web design and development services ranging from simple holding pages to complex e-commerce systems and social networking systems.

The design process is a vital part of building a website and relies on the understanding of how users interact with websites and online documents. We must take into account the wide range of hardware and software that may be used to access our websites and web apps during the design process so that we can allow the design to display correctly and degrade gracefully on older computers or mobile technologies such as the iPhone or iPad.

Most importantly, though, the design should look good. The site should be unique and at the same time accessible via many technologies, easy-to-use and should make the user “feel” good when using the site…even if they are not sure why.

We build almost all of our sites with the ability for the client to maintain and update the site through a login area. Be it a simple blog or an advanced online shop, this saves you costly monthly fees or modification costs every time you want to change the website and means that small changes can be completed in minutes without the need to contact an expensive web designer.

We leave the website code accessible to our clients, which means that they can continue to expand the site and develop more features in-house with the necessary staff.

For examples of web design work, please visit our portfolio or look at the sites below