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Social Media

Social Media is a form of communicating with your customers and clients that interacts with them whilst giving both you and them information.


This interaction can be something as simple as asking your visitors to leave comments, voting on an article, “liking” something on Facebook, interacting with you on Twitter, Tweeting about you, sharing an article or blog post with friends or on a social news site like Reddit.


We can help you with your social media strategy, we can connect your websites and social media accounts so that they all connect and you only need to post your piece of news or information once. We can provide you with detailed reports of who is viewing your content, who is sharing it and what people are saying.


We will help you to engage with a large number of customers and potential customers by making use of the following types of social media:


  • Social Bookmarking – people interact with social bookmarking sites by reading through bookmarks tagged by other people.
  • Social News – Users vote for articles. The more popular an article, the more users will see it. Sites like Reddit and Digg contain large niche communities. Some of these communities will be interested in your content – IF it is interesting and relevant to them
  • Social Networking – sites like Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM allow you to directly interact with customers, facilitiates mass communications as well as giving you the opportunity to guage opininons or test the waters.
  • Photo and Video Sharing – Interact by sharing videos and photos and commenting on relevant user submissions. Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo and Pinterest are all examples of video and photo sharing networks.